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Dave Adams


I'm Chairman which means I do just about everything ;-) except the things Judith does as I'm no good at admin or money matters. I'm the one that gets the blame when things don't go right or when it rains!

I started the event in a pub garden in 2014 when it attracted around 500 people, in 2019 we had 15,000!

I'm also a reenactor, Home Guard these days as I'm too old now to be a Paratrooper. I've been interested in the history of WW2 from an early age, something I got from my dad.

My favourite part of the Ironbridge event is raising money for those who have served their country and suffered various traumas because of it.


Judith Adams

Treasurer & Secretary

The management and running of the Ironbridge event is a year-round job. I oversee and process all of the incoming payments, registration forms, email queries and phone calls which come in throughout the year, particularly in the lead-up to the event. During the weekend, you’ll mostly find me around site wearing a hi-vis vest and carrying a clipboard.

I’ve been on the committee since it first began in 2014.

My Mother was an evacuee and my Father served in the Fleet Air Arm in the Far East. I also am the only member of the committee to have had their own ration book - yes I am that old.  So truly 'living' history for me!

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Bart Middleton

Operations Controller

I have been on the committee for the event since it first began, my role involves the primary infrastructure of the event site. My team of brilliant marshals and I are responsible for designing, laying out and then turning a large empty space on the outskirts of Ironbridge into a small town complete with roads, water, sanitation and electricity for one weekend a year. During the event, I strive to ensure that the right people and equipment are in the right place at the right time.


I have been an active WWII re-enactor for almost twenty years, for the most part portraying an American Paratrooper. For the last five years or so I have portrayed a British Paratrooper and since the 2019 season I have portrayed a Captain in the Shropshire Home Guard. (I’m not getting any younger!)

I have a small collection of classic vehicles that includes my pride and joy, a 1944 Ford GPW. 


Ben Kubiak

Publicity Coordinator

I joined the committee in 2017 after having attended the event for the previous two years. My role includes managing the content on all the social media platforms, creating press releases for local press and radio, where you’ll often hear me featured on BBC Radio Shropshire’s Paul Shuttleworth’s Sunday show.

I have been re-enacting for over five years and have spent a lot of time over the past three years developing the Drop zone D display. I attend a number of other events but Ironbridge is by far my favourite and during the weekend you won’t see me as I’m usually covered in camouflage paint and wearing a grubby jumpsuit.

Paul Sikorky

Re-enactor Liason


Rosie Gibbons

Charity Liason


Tim Comerford

Trader Liason


Paul Woodcock.png

Paul Woodcock

Volunteer Coordinator

I coordinate the large amount of cadets you’ll see on site over the main weekend, allocating out the various duties as there are many areas of responsibility over a large area - car parking for re-enactors and traders on site, disabled parking in the BT yard, crowd control for the firepower displays and the battles, assisting the event charity stalls, programme selling etc. Our cadet volunteers come from the Army and Sea Cadet units as well as other local Air Cadet units. I enjoy the event immensely, the rest of the committee are a super crowd with whom I really enjoy working.

I first got involved with the group back in 2015 when the event was at The Boat in Jackfield Following the move to Ironbridge, the job became more involved at it soon became obvious that with the larger event space, we would need more volunteers!


I don’t personally re-enact but I am into classic vehicles and display at various shows.

Laura Gott

Entertainment Coordinator

I joined the committee shortly after the event in 2018 after agreeing to help run the Fashion Pageant – after that I was pretty much press-ganged into it! My main tasks include liaising with the various acts and groups who perform during the main event in the marquee. I also coordinate the Fashion Pageant, which grew significantly in 2019! During the weekend however you’ll find me re-enacting as a member of the FFI (French Resistance) on the Dropzone D display.


I also organise the seed events leading up to the main weekend, which are very much needed to help us raise funds to put on the main event.


I am relatively new to re-enacting, only having taken it up as an actual hobby in 2017. I’ve always had a passion for Fashion and Military history and through the hobby I’ve made some fantastic friends.


Beccy Evans

Ironbridge Liason